Business and Technic Information
How to submit the order?
Finetech Industry Limited accept the order sent via the Email: sales@finetechnology-ind.com and fax:+86-27-87772287.
Your order shall include the order number, product information, package and quantity, as well as your shipping address and billing address.
How to send the inquiry?
Finetech Industry limited receive both on-line inquiry and off-line inquiry. If you would sending the inquiry on-line,
the system will request you to submit some necessary contact information,for example your name,mail address and company name,
so that we could server you better.we also receive the inquiry via the Email and fax, you can send email to sales@finetechnology-ind.com
or fax to 86-27-87772287. Finally, no matter inquiry on-line or inquiry off-line,the products information (product name,CAS#,
or our FT NO should be recommended), quantity required and your contact information shall be included.
Thanks a lot for your kindly cooperation!
How to gain the tracking number?
Customer Service Department of Finetech industry Limited will send the tracking number of parcel to you via Email on the day of delivery. FedEx, DHL and EMS are the international freight agencies which are most used by us. And the real-time freight status can be inquired on the websites of these freight agencies through the corresponding tracking number.
When the delayed delivery will occur?
Finetech Industry Limited commits to make every effort to ensure the delivery on schedule. However, due to particularity of chemical synthesis and transport of chemical goods, in case of one or many of following circumstances, the delayed delivery still will occur:
    a) Such force majeure as the severe weather
    b) Customs inspection or detained shipment
    c) Goods are lost or error delivery in the transport
    d) Some unforeseen circumstances
such as the explosion, fire and so on, occur in the chemical synthesis once any delay occurs,Finetech Industry Limited will notify the customers the technical predicament in the chemical synthesis as soon as possible.
How to know the updated status of order?
You can ask the customer service manager for the status of order via Email at any time, we will generally reply you within 24 hours. In order to avoid any unnecessary confuse, please indicate your order number in the mail, so that the customer service representative can rapidly query.
How to get a complete or the latest version of product catalog?
The latest version of product catalog is released monthly by Finetech Industry Limited,we prepared EXCEL and SDF file catalog. You can ask for the latest product catalog by sending Email to info@finetechnology-ind.com at any time.
How long can I receive the reply Email according to the quotation?
Otherwise the special situations, Finetech Industry Limited will reply your inquiry within 24 hours.The aforesaid special situations include the legal holidays, the service interruption or communication fault arising from the extremely disastrous weather. Finetech Industry Limited will try our best to notify the customers in advance.
How to get COA, MSDS and other relevant information of the product?
Please send inquirys on-line or Email to info@finetechnology-ind. Please note both catalog number and lot number are required. We would reply soon.
How to submit the inquiry, if the product can not be searched in our website?
Once it occurs the chemicals you need can not be found via the product search or search by structure in our website, please send the product name, CAS NO,structural information and quantity of products you need to us by E-mail to sales@finetechnology-ind.com,we will reply you as soon as possible.